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Carmel CEREC Technology is a Game Changer for Restorative Dentistry

November 19, 2017

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woman smiling in tank topThere are just some things as humans that we all hold dear. One of them is time. Each of us understands this phenomenon on a personal level, and appreciate any path that safely allows us to hold on to more of this valued commodity. This is the mindset behind the usage of the Carmel CEREC technology, an amazing window into the high-tech future of dentistry. Read on to learn more about this game-changing new avenue in dental care.


Don’t Waste Your Dental Benefits. Visit Your Dentist in Carmel Today!

October 11, 2017

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Young family at dentistNowadays, most Americans are attempting a more frugal way of life to stay within their financial means. To help accommodate their budgets, many have made the choice to skip dental care, even delaying preventive appointments to avoid an unexpected bill. In fact, it is estimated as much as 44% of people skip seeing their dentist every year due to the fear of cost. However, if you have dental benefits, you are missing a valuable savings opportunity to promote your oral health. As the year comes to an end, now is the time to stop wasting your insurance coverage by scheduling an appointment with your dentist in Carmel.

Your Carmel Dentist Can Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety

September 17, 2017

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woman stressed frowning There are very few people that come to mind when thinking of someone who actually likes visiting their dentist. Sometimes, it’s downright traumatic to even think about.

Although most dental procedures are painless nowadays, you still have dental fear. Have you ever considered what may be causing you to break into the sweats when someone mentions sitting in the dental chair? Your Carmel dentist is here to dissect dental anxiety and give you some pointers to help you receive the dental care your smile truly needs.


How to Handle a Dental Emergency

August 29, 2017

mother help son following dental emergency When a dental emergency occurs, it can be painful and stressful, but for many patients, having a plan can relieve some anxiety. Knowing in advance what to expect and what you can do to renew oral health, will allow you to feel confident and more relaxed during an emergency. Take the time to prepare for an emergency, and you will be able to keep the smile on your face or care for your loved ones. In five easy steps, you can relieve pain and protect your smile during any dental emergency.

Dentist in Carmel Delivers the Convenience of One-Day Crowns

July 7, 2017

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Benefit from CEREC crowns with your dentist in Carmel.You live a busy life as you uphold your daily commitments. You do not have time for long, lengthy dental procedures added into your schedule. As a result, when your dentist in Carmel tells you that you need a dental crown, your first thought is often of the hassle you are going to have to endure. However, Dr. David J. Kristoff offers a simpler, convenient approach because he understands that your time is valuable. We use CEREC technology to give you a high-quality restoration in just one day.

You Get What You Pay For – Your Dentist In Carmel Explains

June 14, 2017

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When it comes to your smile – and your wallet – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Find out why care from your dentist in Carmel is worth the investment. You’re a successful Millenial – you’ve just landed a great job and you’re finally making a salary that’s fair after years of struggling. You’re excited to be able to finally pay off your student loans and to start saving for your dream home, and maybe even take a vacation when you have the time off. With all these financial goals, you do whatever you can to cut costs and save money where you can. But there’s one area of your life that you should never scrimp on – your smile. Although dental services can sometimes be expensive, your dentist in Carmel knows all too well that you get what you pay for when it comes to oral healthcare. Learn why quality dental care is so important from Dr. David Kristoff.


Improve Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Carmel

May 31, 2017

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Transform your smile with porcelain veneers in Carmel. Are you tired of hiding your teeth in pictures and while talking or smiling? If you are self-conscious, you can get the smile you have always wanted with porcelain veneers in Carmel. Now, advancements in dentistry have made cosmetic procedures more affordable and effective than ever before, giving you the solution you need. By attaching the thin shells to hide cosmetic flaws, you gain a long-lasting and effective means to transform your smile. As your cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Kristoff wants to see you smile with pride. He will restore your confidence with teeth you will love showing off.

It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Says Dentist in Carmel

April 26, 2017

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Dentist in Carmel provides regular oral cancer screenings. As we welcome the signs spring here in Carmel, Dr. Kristoff and our team would like to remind our patients that April also marks something else: Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Occurrences of the disease are increasing across the United States and around the world, and the need for regular screenings has never been more apparent. Have you visited your dentist in Carmel for an oral cancer examination lately? It’s a fast screening that can be performed at the end of your checkup and cleaning — and it could, quite literally, save your life.


Dentist in Carmel Offers Amazing Same-day Crowns

March 30, 2017

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Your dentist in Carmel refinishes broken and decayed teethTeeth compromised by decay, infection or oral trauma get a new lease on life with CEREC same-day crowns in Carmel. Custom-made right in the treatment room by Dr. David Kristoff, CEREC crowns restore oral function and smile aesthetics without repeated office visits or gooey oral impressions. Plus, the results are so natural-looking and durable that patients can’t help but smile.



Dentist in Carmel Outlines Benefits of Invisalign

January 15, 2017

Invisalign aligners straighten smiles invisibly. Your dentist in Carmel, Dr. David Kristoff, tells how they are preferable to traditional braces.

When you smile or laugh in public, you feel embarrassed about your crooked, gapped teeth. Invisalign clear aligners from your dentist in Carmel, Dr. David J. Kristoff, straighten smiles comfortably, discreetly and quickly. In fact, you could have a beautiful new smile in about a year, and without the hassles and obvious look of metal or ceramic braces.


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